About Us

Sigma Phi Lambda is a national Christian sorority whose purpose is to Glorify God and Make His Name Great. It is a sorority that strives to glorify God by providing a source of fellowship for college women who sincerely seek to know His person, His will, and His ways. It is a non-denominational organization of sisters where fellowship with our most high God is fostered by growth in unity with one another. Through weekly meetings that include worship, encouragement, fellowship, and accountability, Phi Lamb provides an alternative to Panhellenic sororities. Sigma Phi Lambda is not presently, nor will it ever be Panhellenic.



Phi Lamb was founded in 1988 at the University of Texas at Austin. Our colors are red and white, our symbol is the lamb, and our sorority verse is Romans 15:5-6. Our philanthropy is World Vision.


Oklahoma State Chapter

We are the Phi Chapter of Sigma Phi Lambda. We were founded at OSU in 2006.


If you’re interested in starting a chapter at your university, visit www.sigma-phi-lambda.com.